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We market and list properties, businesses, B&B's, guest houses, rental's, self-catering accommodation and owners who wish to sell their own property privately on our website within South Africa.

Let’s face it, computers and more so the internet has become an important part of our daily lives and more and more people are using these tools, whether to buy something, compare prices, look for property, book a holiday or to look for a new rental home as it saves them time and money and they can do all of this from the comfort of their own home.

As they say knowledge is power, so knowing this fact can help you move with the times and market your property virally with a 360 Virtual Tour. Which is a cutting edge marketing tool and will reach more people from further away, that will place you head and shoulders above your competition.

We can list your properties, holiday accommodation and rentals with a fully interactive 360 Virtual Tour (on the clients request) or with still images. Should you opt for a virtual tour it will ensure that every potential client can view your property as if they are standing there in person, in turn helping your clients save time and money.

Our Virtual Tours are always of the highest quality as are the still images that accompany them. Our descriptions of your properties are accurate to the tee, as you provide us with the information. The i-viewproperty360 team are highly dedicated  specialists, working with you to provide a personalized service no matter how small or big your needs are, we aim to get back to you promptly each and every time no matter what time of day it is.

Please feel free to contact us with regards to listing your property or if you are interested in buying, booking, renting or selling.



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